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Rev. George Callander is senior OFC Community Minister serving the people of the North East.

He will work with you to create a memorable service to commemorate or celebrate a loved-one’s life. He is happy to include as much or as little religious content as people want – from a full, but gently religious funeral service, to a Celebration of Life with the Lord’s Prayer perhaps being the only religious element. Whatever your choice George always makes sure your ceremony is truly personal, uplifting and memorable (for all the right reasons!).

When someone close dies it is hard to make sense of what has happened and what needs to be done in the following days. Organising the funeral service can be very stressful; but it doesn’t have to be. Once you have decided where to hold the service you have to consider who will conduct it.

If you or your loved-one closely identify with a particular denomination (i.e. C of E, RC, URC), church or faith tradition (including Humanist) it is generally appropriate to arrange for the relevant minister/celebrant to take the service. If you don’t have a church/faith connection, and the funeral service is to be held at the local crematorium, municipal cemetery, private cemetery, crematorium or woodland burial ground, you are completely free to choose who leads the service – and also what goes in it.

Rev. George Callander offers funeral services that are a ‘middle way’ between traditional Christian and non-religious or humanist. It’s not what you do or do not believe that matters! George will help you celebrate and remember a special person’s life. His funeral services are all about a person’s story and will have as much or as little gently religious content as you like: the service never focuses on God. George makes every service as unique, special and uplifting as he can – he doesn’t ‘do miserable’ and he is not afraid (if appropriate) to make people laugh!

If you’d like George to conduct a funeral service you can approach him directly, letting the funeral director know of your choice and that you have spoken to George. Alternatively you can ask the funeral director to contact George for you. He will arrange to visit you to discuss your loved-one’s life, to discuss what you would like in the service: music, prayers and readings, etc. He believes every person deserves the best possible farewell and it doesn’t matter if there are only two people attending or two thousand, the service will be fitting and special.

George is a very experienced and respected bereavement specialist and has conducted funeral services for people of all ages and all circumstances: from tiniest babies to folk who have reached their hundredth birthday (and beyond).

Like most ministers George won’t just wave you goodbye at the end of the service – if you’d like him to keep in touch, he will. If you’d like him to drop-in now and again for a cuppa and a chat, he can – and does – for many of his families.

When arranging a funeral always remember:

It’s your loved-one’s funeral – so it has to be what you/they would want.

It’s your own funeral – so clearly make your wishes known.

It’s your money – so choose carefully and well.

It can only be done once, and most importantly

It’s absolutely your choice – so never be afraid to speak up!