Rev. George Callander is senior OFC Community Minister serving the people of the North East.

Getting Married in Scotland

In Scotland ONLY, George is authorised by the Registrar General to conduct full, legal marriage ceremonies. He will work with you to create a memorable ceremonies to celebrate or bless your marriage/partnership. He is happy to include as much or as little religious content as people want – from a full, but gently religious service, to a Celebration of Marriage with the actual Marriage Blessing being the only religious element. Whatever your choice George always makes sure your ceremony is truly personal, uplifting and memorable (for all the right reasons!).

Getting Married in England & Wales

It must be mentioned here that in England, Wales & Northern Ireland George is unable to carry out the legal part of your marriage ceremony.

To make the marriage/partnership legal it must be conducted in the presence of an authorised registrar at a venue licensed for the purpose. Also, many (but not all) venues won’t permit a religious ceremony to take place, because they fear they may lose their Civil Marriage License.

It is your responsibilty to check the policy of your chosen venue. However, George is always delighted to lead a Blessing ceremony following a civil ceremony elsewhere. So, some points to consider:

If you’re not being married in church, the civil formalities are normally completed at a registry office in the presence of at least two witneses.

It is not necessary either to dress-up in your wedding finery or exchange rings at the registry office.

The traditional elements of a wedding can be done later (and not even on the same day) at your blessing ceremony.

George is often asked to bless or dedicate a couple’s marriage, partnership or relationship after they have being married elsewhere. Blessings may be elaborate or informal – one of the most beautiful was held on a summer afternoon at the shoreline of a Scottish loch, surrounded by stunning scenery.

He also conducts ceremonies for couples who want to renew their wedding or commitment vows, or celebrate a special anniversary with a blessing ceremony.

Finally, George conducts ceremonies for couples who don’t want a legally binding wedding, but want to celebrate their relationship and commitment to each other in the presence of family and friends.

In theory blessing ceremonies can be held anywhere.

From experience, it’s not always so straightforward.

Check with your venue before arranging your blessing ceremony.

If you would like to discuss arranging a ceremony with all the trimmings, at which you will be encouraged to walk up the aisle, solemnly make promises (vows) and exchange rings: please contact George.